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Tamaqua Area Medicaid Planning Lawyers

All too often, people want to gift a house or other assets to a relative and do not have an understanding of the implications this can have on Medicaid qualifications. If you transfer an asset as a gift, it may be a disqualification for Medicaid if you then need to enter a nursing home.

At Bowe, Lisella & Bowe, in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, we provide skilled legal representation to clients for a wide range of estate planning concerns, including Medicaid and elder care planning. If you are planning for long-term care placement and financing, one of our experienced lawyers can help explain the pros and cons of each option available to you. We are dedicated to helping you with a comprehensive elder care plan that suits your unique needs and wishes.

Knowledgeable Tamaqua Elder Care Planning Attorneys

Often when planning for future care, people do not realize that they might be better served by reallocating or retitling their assets for both Medicaid planning and death taxes. This allows them to preserve existing assets while still remaining eligible for Medicaid coverage. Our Tamaqua area Medicaid planning attorneys are ready and able to assist with even the most complex assets and estates. We can help you to find the strategy that will enable you to plan your future care while also securing your assets for future generations.

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For help with Medicaid planning, contact our firm by calling 570-225-0032 or toll free at 866-586-9855. Or, if you prefer to send an email, you may do so using our online form on this website. We offer free consultations for many matters, are available for weekday, evening and weekend appointments, and are committed to charging reasonable and affordable rates.

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