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Estate planning and choosing a nursing home: Don’t wait

| Feb 17, 2020 | Estate Administration |

When creating an estate plan, it’s critical to take a few key steps in regard to your long-term care. For example, you must make a decision as to where you would receive nursing home care should the time come.

It’s easy to overlook this detail, especially if there are several nursing home facilities in your local area. You assume that should the time come, you’ll find space in one of them and move in. While things may play out this way, taking this approach comes with a few risks.

Here are the primary points to consider when choosing a nursing home:

  • Your wants and needs: You may have specific wants and needs regarding nursing home care, such as particular amenities and features. Make a list of these early on, as they’ll help guide your decision.
  • Location: This doesn’t always matter, but it’s something to consider should you want the facility to be in close proximity to your current home and/or loved ones.
  • Staff: It can be the nicest looking nursing home you’ve ever come across, but a long-term care facility is only as good as the staff it employs. Read reviews, ask questions and watch the staff in person before making your decision.
  • Safety history: There’s nothing more important than your safety, so don’t choose a nursing home that has a history of safety violations. Doing so puts your well-being at risk should you require care at the facility in the future.
  • Cost: Even though nursing homes often appear to be similar, the cost structure is sure to differ from one facility to the next. This detail alone is likely to help you remove some options from your list.

It’s important to choose a nursing home well in advance of when you may actually require care. Just the same, it’s a must to create a financial strategy, which includes a detailed overview of how you plan to pay for the care you require.

While things can and probably will change as the years go by, you should always have a clear idea of where you’ll receive nursing home care and how you’ll pay for it, if it’s required at any point in your life.