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Attorneys Helping With Tax Assessment Appeals

Local school districts educate our children and provide promise for both students and our Northeastern Pennsylvania communities. This contribution comes at a financial cost. In order to properly provide funding for our local school districts, school districts receive a portion of local property taxes.

Local property taxes are paid by owners of commercial and residential real estate based on the assessed value of property. When the sale of a property indicates that it has been undervalued prior to the sale, a school district is authorized to file a tax assessment appeal. If successful, property taxes for the property will be increased, resulting in additional funds for the school district.

While these additional funds may be welcome for the school district, many commercial and residential property owners object to paying higher property taxes. When a property owner, either commercial or residential, wants to take legal action, the law firm of Bowe & Odorizzi Law, LLC will represent them and guide them through the litigation process.

Experienced Appeals Help For Commercial And Residential Property Owners

We are experienced in pursuing a tax assessment appeals for both commercial and residential property owners, and have argued before numerous appellate courts in Pennsylvania. We also won the seminal case Hower vs. Tamaqua School District in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, and have been successful in every appellate tax assessment appeal we have handled.

Attorneys Jeffrey Bowe and Thomas Lisella (Retired) has also worked with numerous school districts and municipalities since 1979, and are fully experienced in tax assessment appeal law. Our experience in representing both school districts and businesses allows us to provide individual clients with a full perspective of the issues involved.

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